People who rely on a truck for work or basic transportation need to take very special care of their vehicle. Otherwise, they will run the risk of their truck breaking down at a very inopportune time. Do you happen...
Toyota C-HR. Not sure why it has camo since this is already in production. But here ya go. Photos taken on 12/2/2017. A big thanks to Adam. Spy Shots gallery
Photos sent by Joseph Willard. Thank Joseph very much for nice spyshots!     Gallery    
Got this one yesterday near Tampa FL. Who has any suggestion what is this? Thank Ernesto C. Rijavec for great spy photo!
Hi guys, I took these pictures today (11/05/17) in Delta, Colorado. I'm not sure what they are, but possibly a Chrysler product. A friend of mine suspects a Kia. In any case they are a good looking 4 dr. something. I...
Will it be like the new Toyota Cha 1.2 turbo 85kw. Spy Video Could be what was it gonna be a NA auto 4 cylinder. Sreenshots
Spy pictires from Poland Konin.
Saw this car in full camo with a Michigan manufacturer plate at a gas station off I-10 Exit-70 in Defuniak Springs on Sunday 10-22. Thank Larry for great spy pictures!
Spied this one my lunch break in TriBeCa. Couldn’t get close enough to even guess what this is... Thank Daryl for nice pictures!
Seems to be Mercedes...?  
We saw these camo Landrovers in the Furnace Creek area of Death Valley on Oct. 2 - 4. They had the dash covered when parked at the hotel. Notice the "electric" warning symbol in on the back window. Hybrid, I would...
In this video you can see the new 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLE (CLS) parked during the DTM at the Hockenheimring. This CLE is the successor of the CLS. Sreenshots
Owning a car isn't just something you can now drive around in without the worry about comfort and public transportation, but it's also a responsibility. You need to learn about how to take care of your car and make...
Looks like BMW from the front side - while the rear side hints at Jaguar... Can't say how the interior could be indicated - neither the first no the second. Or I might be wrong with all that -...
Caught this vehicle driving the roads on Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, IN  last week.  Thought you'd appreciate it.  We get a lot of vehicles out here, however, these were the first I've taken. Thank Karl gor great spyshots!
We received letter from England: I saw this vehicle at Heston services on M4. People with the vehicle were all driving Mercedes cars. Thank David for his nice spy pictures!
I took these photos on 9/17/17 in Atlanta, GA. I know it's definitely a Cadillac but not sure which model. Maybe the 2018 XTS? Thank Ralph for his wonderful spy pictures!
These photos were taken on Sep 7th, near Augsburg Germany. Probably new BMW CUV. Hope it will be useful for your site! Thank Ohad for his awesome photos!

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