ZUS Smart Car Charger Review


A modern lifestyle makes it important to have an excellent car charger for your mobile device. However, there are many brands that compete in this market so that it’s hard to choose the best one. ZUS from Nonda definitely deserves your attention because its functions include not only an efficient car charger, but also a great car locator.

ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Its Incredible and Modern Design

Its smooth black lines and white LED lights (they let you find it easily in the dark) can fit any modern car, while double ports allow you to charge two devices at once. This smart car charger is designed in Germany and it comes titanium-coated while being made from durable plastic, which definitely adds to its durability and tells consumers a lot about its premium. It’s lightweight and its USB ports have the light emitting from them, so once you plug in any USB cable, the light becomes covered, but its top part is still visible. Interested in available colors? Choose between standard black or 24 Karat gold (only as the limited edition).

A Short List of Unique Features

  • Its ElegantShine lighting top ensures better visibility in all dark environments.
  • Smart device detection. This technology provides you with the best quality charging for Android and iPhone devices.
  • Data plan free and 12-month warrantees.
  • Competitive discounts when buying more than 1 unit.
  • Smart car location. Each time when you park a car, this unit will save its location automatically. If you need to find your car, it’s only necessary to open a special ZUS app to be guided back to it.
  • Premium military grade quality. It’s the only car charger available in the modern market that meets the US Military Temperature Standard (100ºC).
  • Doubled charging speed. Think about charging two phones at their fastest speed because the ZUS device can charge them at least two times faster than other car chargers, and this unique capability is guaranteed by 4.8A. For example, it usually takes around four hours to charge any iPhone using a standard car charger, while ZUS needs only a half of this time period to fully charge the same phone (less than 2 hours while charging two iPhones at once). Besides, you will get the same benefit when charging other gadgets, including Galaxy (2 hours) and iPads (4 hours).
  • Longer lifespan. Forget about recharging a car charger on a regular basis once you buy ZUS because it will last 2 times longer than other brands.
  • German buyer materials and low-energy Bluetooth.
  • ZUS cooling system. Its main function is to prevent the overheating of this device, and there are many test results proving that less heat results in a better performance and a longer service life. This cooling system results in more than 35% less heat, and that’s why it enables users to benefit from the double lifespan compared to standard car chargers.

Its Important Functions

ZUS car chargers have the following important functions:

  • Charging two phone devices at a faster speed by using cigarette lighter ports.
  • Helping to detect a car location by using a special app on mobile phones.
  • Reminding about a parking duration.

What makes this unit a perfect piece of hardware is the information captured when your car is shut-off. You can be directed to it according to such details as a movement direction, GPS location, and elapsed time given by this car charger and locator, but it should be paired with your phone automatically (each time when the engine turns on or off and within a specific distance). ZUS remembers the location where your car was parked last so that you can say goodbye to frustrating and time-consuming searches among endless parking lots or streets.ZUS Smart Car Charger Review


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