Zonda 760 RS is one of the powerful Pagani till date


The general thinking is that the Pagani is introduced with the Huayra. The Zonda is the same as the Dodo. The Madonese Automaker says that If a person wants to buy the Zonda, the company will make one for them. This is the one of super car.
76o RS is the powerful Zonda from Pagani. The horse power is 760 RS. Below the carbon fiber there is a rear hood. Zonda Clinque is 90 horse power lesser than the Zonda.  The hard core Zonda R gives 217 miles per hour.

The Zonda 760 RS was started just like the Zonda 750. This was ordered by the Arabian customer whose name is not disclosed. This car was modified into a 760 RS and also found a new buyer. The details and the images of this rare car may be less. But the video coverage has given everybody the chance  to look the super car. Scroll down wards to check the picture yourself.

Video Zonda 760 RS


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