Z4 roadster Introduced by BMW


It seems like there will be a new Z4 Roadster available to buy just before next winter. The car will be debuted at the Detroit auto Show next month and it has a ‘Pure Fusion Design’ name to the cosmetic changes made to it. They are certainly not going with the easy option of putting the internals of a Ford sedan in the body of a Z4 which they could have done. Instead they have black, white and brown colours with Sparkling brown metallic paint in the options too.
There is Ivory White Nappa Leather on the lower dashboard, door panel armrests and seats which have brown stitching to contrast. The door panels, sun visors, upper dashboard and gauge hood are in black leather. There is brown leather in the centre of the dashboard and it has a wood trim.
The European model has been pictured, but there will be one arriving in the US as well and it is hoped they will have the same mesh spoke wheels. There are similar to the rims offered on the Z3 but more modern and work very well with the new Sparkling Brown colour.


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