X4 and X6 Rivals Planned by Mercedes and Audi


Audi and Mercedes are both working hard to come up with concepts that will rival the BMW X6. This is because all of the three companies are working hard to expand their ranges by 2020 . BMW has already put the X4 forward and had a head start of course. However, Audi and Mercedes will not be far behind as they plan to fit in new niches. There are quite a few interesting things being planned for the future by all brands.
BMW are working on the X5 2014 and Audi have a Q6 to rival that. This is the SUV Coupe mix that they showed at the 2012 Paris motor show and this will arrive in 2016. This has been delayed because it is based on the Q5 platform and this is not sue until 2015. The architecture for this will also be the basis of the Porsche Macan which is due to arrive in late 2014. This will have four and six pot powertrains and will either have a manual or a seven speed twin clutch gearbox. There will be a range of engine options. The diesel options will be either a 2.0 TDI with 4 cylinders and 187 bhp with 258 lb ft or torque or a 3.0 TDI V6 with 261 bhp and 369 lb ft or torque. There will also be two petrol options. A 2.0 TFSI 4 cylinder 237 bhp with 258 lb ft torque and a 3.0 TFSI 288 bhp with 295 lb ft of torque.
Mercedes may be beating them to it though. They have said that they will produce ten new models by 2020 and the ML class coupe is one of them. It is expected that this might be debuted in 2015 and so could beat this Q6 Audi on to the market.
Mercedes is planning a GLC which will be a GLK crossover that is sporty. They do not offer it in the UK at the moment but they may do so in order to compete with the BMW X4. Audi however, is not producing something to compete in this area. It seems like the bosses do not think there is room for something in their range that will fit between the Q3 and the Q5 and so a sporty Q4 is not on the cards for them.
Audi is therefore thinking small and since their A1 has been so successful it seems this is a good idea. The city car needed an increased production as demand was so high.They have put together a taller crossover that is compact and called the Q2 which is likely to have a 2015 launch. This will use the next generation VW polo platform. BMW has a rival in a MPV style variant which was previewed in the 2012 concept Activity Tourer. Mercedes has a baby crossover planned as well which will be due for release in 2015.
However, they have decided to do away with the Q9 super crossover that they had planned. They decided that there was a lack of headroom after the Q7. BMW has no entry level BMW X2 planned either and there are no estate models form either BMW or Audi. There are 4 door couple rivals to the Mercedes CLs in the Audi A7 and the BMW 6-series but there will be no shooting brake rivals form them. However, it may change as there are plans by Mercedes t have a CA shooting brake before 2020 as a junior to their C-class estate.


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