Will Chevrolet SS Stay on the Market?


Will Chevrolet SS Stay on the Market?

Chevrolet SS is a favorite automobile of many enthusiasts. Everyone was looking forward to this car, especially after the production of the Pontiac G8 stopped. However, the sales of the SS are average and only 2895 models of the automobile were sold in its best year of 2015. Therefore, it would be reasonable for General Motors to end the production of this model as well. But, the representatives of the company said that this rear-drive sedan will likely to stay on the market.

The chief engineer of the company said that the models are sold in the expected quantities. The company is not stopping the production of the model and is now concentrated on the model of 2017.

The SS model is based on the VF Commodore Holden, which is getting close to its expiration date in 2017. At the same time the subsidiary of GM in Australia will close. And as the SS model is built in Elizabeth together with the Commodore model, it means that Chevrolet is not stopping the production. However, the chief engineer said that as the company doesn’t have an exact date on when to end the production of the SS, the closing of the Commodore can be a good place to end the SS.

It is still not clear whether the company get the replacement if the SS will go out of the production.


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