Why Rock Chip Repair in winter is Important in Denton Texas 


Denton can be a chilly place in the winters, with just enough snow to get school off and the snowman going.

Why Rock Chip Repair.

It does hurt if you chip the very sensitive glass on either sides of your car. It’s easy to damage your car windshields and windows during the winter. The tempered glass maybe able to fend off against strong winds and debris, it may just crumble to pieces with a crack.

There are several reasons you should consider having your windshield repaired quickly in winter, especially if you live in Denton.

  • First off, all the local technicians will be off on holidays! Now to the serious stuff …
  • In cities like Denton strong winds and constant snow can be hazardous to a rock chipped windshield. A weakened spot is the starting point for a crack to spread or a hole to develop.
  • Your glass can be hit by gravel from the road, very common in the Denton area. Gravel is usually laid down to gain traction during icy conditions and can easily fly on your glass.
  • A damaged windshield means your car’s structure is under threat. The windshield also supports the room and frame of the car. Slam the doors hard, hit a bump, and get struck on the glass awkwardly and the glass can severely crack.
  • Ice and snow can considerably damage more by seeping in through a crack. Moisture that can seep into chips and cracks will eventually freeze increasing the pressure on the already compressed glass.

The Damage Usually Get Worse

It is essential to remember that once a rock chip or crack is left untreated, it will usually get worse. A chip can open up over time leaving a larger crack in the glass. Although the windshield glass is very strong, it can only take so much with damage on its first layer.

Heating the glass to melt ice and snow, then letting snow set on it again constantly, reduces the integrity and strength of the glass. Eventually the rock chipped area will burst into fragments or develop a crack.

Park & Drive Safely in winter

A good advice to follow is to drive safely and slowly during winter in case there is glass damage on your car. Park the car under a covered space when possible, exposing the glass to sudden temperature changes will reduced the strength. Avoid driving when it’s snowing. Even a minor change in moisture can cause the glass to crack given the right circumstances.

24/7 Auto Glass Repair in Denton, Texas

At Glass Genie we give you 24/7 windshield chip repair by certified glass technicians. Powered by a team of industry licensed technicians and over 2 decades of auto glass care, we are the experts for your minor winter glass repairs.

Our services are available within 25 miles of Denton city, so simply fill out our form and our team will contact you with all the necessary details. Our mobile repair technicians can visit you at home, instead of you having to drive to us with a chipped windshield. Our technicians will repair your windshield within an hour, as you enjoy the winter in the comfort of your home or office.


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