Why Instant Car Shipping Quote Calculator Is a Handy Tool?


How to Get Shipping Quote for FreeThere are certain situations when it is safer to transport your car through a professional freight forwarder. For example, you just bought the car, but at the other part of the country, or somewhere over the border, or you plan to move interstate, and you can’t or don’t want to drive that far. Or you assume that shipping a vehicle is cheaper than driving it.

In order to make the comparison of expenses in both cases, you need to know precisely how much the costs of this type of transportation will cost you. It is not advisable to guess, especially since now you can easily find out this information. All professional freight forwarding companies on their websites have the option of calculating the full shipping cost with the help of handy software, like a shipcar24 quote calculator.

How to Get Shipping Quote for Free

Technology, through modern means of communication and work, has advanced much. Today, most things can be done in just a few clicks. There are no physical boundaries in the online world. Today, you can do business with companies and individuals from another country or another continent very quickly.

Freight forwarding companies can work as brokers, direct forwarders, or both. This information is essential to know because different companies offer different quotes for practically the same service. In any case, you must know at least an approximate cost of shipping, so that you can plan your budget.

Is Every Calculator the Same?

Is Every Calculator the Same?

Apps like shipping quote calculator are a must for any professional forwarder. This service is free with most companies; only ways of getting quotes can differ. You can see them immediately after entering the information on the screen or the application asks for your email address or contact phone, so you get the quote in person.

The next thing that makes the difference between these apps is the data relevant to the calculation. What is most important are pickup and drop off locations, vehicle model, and date of transport. No personal information is required or any sensitive data, like the chassis number. If, by chance, you run to the shipping company asking for these details, feel free to skip it.

Some companies will also require filling in additional fields, such as the type of vehicle, whether it runs or not, and whether you did some modifications. This information can significantly affect the cost of transportation, as vehicles that don’t run require specialized service.

Things Affecting the Shipping Rate

The more accurate information you enter into the calculator, the more precise your car’s shipping quote will be. For example, it is advisable to know the date of transport of the vehicle, as the prices of these services vary depending on the season, days of the week,

However, if you plan to ship your car in a few months, keep in mind that the initial quote can differ considerably from the price at the time of transportation. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, the shipping cost calculation timeframe should not be longer than one month.

The algorithm in these calculators uses the vehicle type information for estimating the dimensions and weight that will be carried. It’s not the same to transport a small hatchback and SUV, a small city car or a modified four-wheel beast with all that bumpers, spoilers, and everything else that affects the width and length of the vehicle.

Forwarder services are not only used by individuals, but also by car dealers. The quote formed for them is subject to change due to more vehicles that need to be transported, as well as the frequency of use of shipping services. Many dealers work closely with freight forwarders. This cooperation usually pays off more than the transport of the vehicles independently to showrooms or buyers.

The quality of the freight forwarders service is not only measured by the high price, but also by the professionalism of the employees, the vehicles they use for transportation, the additional services they provide to the clients, etc. It is up to you to decide whether to opt for the cheapest deal or to choose the transportation company that seems most reliable and has the best recommendations.


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