When you’ve got Corvette Z06 looks, hotness comes easy.



Peculiar world these days where people look at a car like this and go “oh that’s a piece of crap”. What exactly do you want? Awesome, your standards are met in supercars $150k plus that such a small percentage of people can afford. In the meantime continue commuting in your Camry.


Like it or hate it, it doesn’t matter.. U all know it’s gonna take down big names for a little less money…and this one can be controlled by more people.. Online sites and uTube says so lol…the Z06 is more than a lot of people can handle or will admit to…the GS is pricey but seems down for an all day fight at the track..and those kind of cars are not cheap… Anything less only last a few laps and brakes are gone or goes into overheat-limp home mode…




  1. The way I see the two recent Grant Sports is that they deliver 90% the performance of the previous generation Z06 but in a Corvette that’s a whole lot more controllable.

    One thing she really needs to lay off is the German style pornographically expensive option packages.

    But if I would have been the lucky son-of-a-gun out in New Hampshire that won the Powerball I would have a new Grand Sport. I wouldn’t even think about the Z06 until I’ve had the Grandsport for about five years

  2. I’d sooner get this than the Z06, then spend the difference on the engine, resleeving the block and making it rev, like the C6 Z06.


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