Whatzit? I spied these 3 spy cars today in Oceanside



Ok you car aficionados, I spied these 3 spy cars today in Oceanside at the gas station. They all took on a small amount of gas but I noted a filler door on the driver’s side which may be for a plug indicating these are hybrids? Not much sound and I didn’t see any tail pipes. So Whatzit?


gibrid3Tnx Bill Newlin for nice photos!


  1. It’s a fisker. It’s NOT a BMW. It doesn’t have kidney grills, it doesn’t follow the design language of the current BMW generation. And BMW does their testing in Germany they wouldn’t have a potential i8 sedan driving around SoCal

  2. They’re Karma’s. But I disagree about BMW testing only in Germany – we ran across several (3 if I remember) X6’s up near Bishop the summer my niece got married (2007). They were apparently doing hot weather testing as the temps that week were consistently above 105. We saw them at the hotel where we were staying. All were camouflaged, and of course the drivers wouldn’t tell us what they were.


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