What you need to know to choose the best car speakers


It is true that we all want to have the best music quality in our car. This has everything to do with the kind of a car stereo equipment that is fixed on the vehicle as well as the quality of the car speakers installed. There are definitely many good quality car speaker brands that one can find out there. However, it can be quite confusing when people want to buy car speakers. So, what are some of the things that one needs to know to buy some of the best 6.5 car speakers on the market?

car speakersHere are some of the things you need to know to choose the best car speakers:

Consider the sensitivity of the speakers

This has to do with the speaker yield on the power applied to it. The best match for the speakers could be those that have low power, let’s say 15 watts and high sensitivity of something like 90dB. A high powered system of speakers will require a speaker with a lower sensitivity. When these speakers are powered properly, they should give you the best sound quality.


This is a measurement that lets you know how much power (watts) the speakers can handle. For the low power systems, the speakers do not have to handle a lot of power. However, a system that has powerful external amplifiers will need to have powerful speakers that can handle power almost closer to that of the amplifiers. Power handling has everything to do with the RMS rating of the speakers.

The type of speakers you need for the car

The after-market car speakers that you want to buy come in two types; the component speaker systems and the full range speakers.  You may want to buy car speakers that are full range, meaning that they have all the components in one. They consist of the woofer, the tweeters and in some models, the super tweeters. You can choose these types of speakers if you just want to replace the speakers that came with the car without lots of fuss.

The component speakers come with a separate woofer, external crossovers, and tweeters. All these come in superior designs that should also give you the best quality sound for your vehicle. They work in a kind of concert with each other, producing the best quality sound system.

Speaker materials

The materials your speakers are made of will determine how durable they will be. For the best low notes, the woofers should be made from materials that are stiff enough, yet lightweight. Materials such as polypropylene are used in most of the woofers and give quality sound and durability. Tweeters made from soft materials such as silk, poly and textile blends should give you the best quality sound that is also refined.

What is your budget?

This has to do with the amount of money you are willing to spend on the car speakers. There are definitely many types of car speaker brands that you can choose from. Do you have enough money to buy new speakers? Would you want to consider used speakers? What about the brands of car speakers? All these can be determined by your monetary stability.


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