What You Need to Know About the 2020 AUDI E-TRON S Specs (Spy pictures)


What You Need to Know About the 2020 AUDI E-TRON S Specs (Spy pictures)

Audi fans seem to be impressed by the performance and handling of Audi’s new EV. The all wheel drive system and horsepower of over 350 give this vehicle a competitive and excellent driving experience on the road. This model is for people who are concerned with fuel economy and still have a desire for high performance. The 2020 AUDI E-TRON S Specs showcase safety and performance features that Audi drivers expect and depend on. Now the new electric vehicle with help the driver to save at the gas station.

2020 Audi E-TRON S Review

Expect a comfortable and controlled experience when you drive this vehicle. Expect quietness of interior and exterior components. The handling and reaction times give this vehicle a great driving feel. Take a look at this road test for the 2020 Audi E-TRON here:


Consider the Performance

This new version handles well and has a boost function that gives it the extra power push when you need it. You will find yourself enjoying your ride. All wheel drive features help you to control the high torque of this model. You will notice the torque. The sense of comfort and security come into play and will impress you.

Against the Competition

With other car companies moving ahead with their push in the electronic vehicle market, expect competition. On paper you might find Audi’s inclusion in the EV market falling behind. The vehicle is heavier than other competing EV models. The extra weight might be considered a negative factor to some potential buyers. Regardless of the comparisons with other companies, you can expect to see these models on the road. Audi’s new inclusion to the electronic vehicle market will have features the Audi fans have come to love and added fuel economy. This will be enough for many people loyal to the Audi brand to make a purchase.

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