What makes you feel better? A Lamborghini Aventador Roadster or Four Seat Aventador GT ( 2013)


The Italian luxury sports car designer, engineers, manufacturers and distributers,
Lamborghini, is going to show its latest supercar Aventador roadster. As discovered and disclosed by CAR magazine, Lamborghini is about to present two latest models of Aventador in action.
The Aventador will be launched in 2013 but you can find the adaptable Aventador in 2012’s autumn. This time the V12 Lambo is given retractable rigid top.
However, if you are thinking that this would be the sole sequel coming then you are wrong because very soon you would be able to see a motor exhibit. There is another Aventador GT can be seen soon in the car market designed by Sant’ Agata. This model would be more sensible and realistic. It is a perfect Italian V12 supercar designed for doing tours.

The Italian sports car makers are planning to design and present a little softer-rimed and a roomier sports car Lamborghini Aventador GT. They are planning to unveil the car in the Geneva motor show which is to be held on 2013. In this event you will be able to get the glimpse of this car for the first time.

As per the CAR magazine, this privileged latest car may have some exciting features such as a dissimilar concept for door, two miniature back jump seats and a comprehensive wheelbase. Additionally, it is a rear-engine coupé with 6.5-litre and has a short-stroke V12 engine which drives all four wheels.

Undoubtedly, the Aventador GT needs to be given less aggressive shape instead of the mid-engined two-seater. However, it is still not know that when GT is actually going to develop the manufactured model from show car. The time of launch and design of this car is also important because BMW which has established itself as the developer of alike +2 supercar as it has also developed similar outline for its new launch i8. So, Aventador GT may have to face tuff competition if it is launched with BMW’s i8.

Some more Features of Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

In the previous launches of sports cars like Murcielago designed by Lamborghini, open top was given which was obsessed by an exasperatingly multifaceted detachable top. But this time, it is decided by Lamborghini that there will be a hole in the top of the V12 which would be again supposedly much more clear-cut.

You may be expecting that the interior of the car has Gallardo fashioned push button electric top but you are wrong. The interior of the car is given a retractable firm top panel which is somewhat similar to the McLaren Mp4-12C Spider and Ferrari 458 Spider.
The car aficionado can expect the launch of Avenador during the spring or summer of 2013. So, you may have to wait for some more time.


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