What Is a Smartphone Access Control?


Can you recall the days when having a mobile phone was an anomaly? Mobile phone owners and users were once made up of the business and of the affluent. As technology exploded, the use became widespread.

Smartphone Access Control.Now, from the ten-year-old fifth grader in elementary school to the 70-year-old retired grandmother, almost everyone has a smartphone. As technology continuously advances, so does the various ways that we utilize it. Mobile phones have evolved from only making calls to text messaging and emails, then to video conference calls and creating a complete PowerPoint presentation, to the latest innovation now – the mobile access control.

What is a smartphone or mobile access control?

Smartphone or mobile access control systems give users access to secured buildings, rooms, and other areas by following just a few simple steps on their mobile devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices such as a smartwatch. Most people have their devices glued to their hands, so the smartphone access is absolutely convenient.

In today’s fast-paced society, not only does smartphone access control offer a convenient user experience, but it also helps boost operational efficiency. This is because it’s easier to monitor, thus satisfying both sides – the user and the operations.

Another important factor in using mobile devices as an alternative to physical keys, key fobs, or identification cards is that it fits right in with the digital mobile device preference of today’s millennial workforce. By allowing employees and other users to use their own personal mobile devices as a “key”, it allows for a more cost-effective, simple approach solution for companies to efficiently manage individual identification.

By offering mobile access, it eliminates instances where an individual loses or forgets their identification badge (How many times have you forgotten or lost a badge or set of keys, yet your smart device is glued to your hand?). Plus, it reduces the time usually spent dealing with the tedious tasks related to identification credentials, such as creating, producing or printing, distributing, and disposing of physical identity badges.

Like with anything else, using mobile credentials may be an effective solution for one group of users. For another group of users, it could be problematic. Smartphone access control may be convenient for some building entrances, and could be a hazard for another building type (For example, someone trying to get into their apartment building late at night). In order to decide what should be the best practice for your business, it’s best for operations to weigh out the pros and cons of utilizing mobile access control.

Whether it’s your private residence or your business, the main priority is always the safety and security. The security of your family or physical and intellectual property never needs to be in doubt, and that’s where Nortech comes in. Nortech Access Control sets an industry standard with its innovative access control systems. From the beginning of the process to the completion, Nortech takes care of the design, manufacture, and distribution of card access control systems, door entry systems, and vehicle control solutions.


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