We Have Spied The 2013 VW Golf Mark VII


At one time it was the Beetle, then it was, and still is, the Golf. The mainstay of the Volkswagen fleet as it is just right in terms of size for families. Size can be an important factor especially when parking is at a premium such as in Europe.

With the success of both the first and fourth generation VW Golf, regarding style, their goal is to replicate that success with the 2013 Golf Mk VII. This new offering, however, will be some 100 pounds lighter and will stand shoulder to shoulder with the coming Audi A3 and a large number of compacts that are planned to be launched by VW.

From our spy photos we can gather, through the heavy camouflage, a clue to what the Golf Mk VII will have to offer before its launch at the back-end of 2012. There is no doubt that the designers at Volkswagen will not tinker with its winning formula. Inevitably there will be the 3 and 5 door hatch-backs, that we have come to know and love, a soft-top or convertible and a station wagon. There are also plans in the pipe line for a Golf Plus, this will be a High-roof design.

The new model will have a lower to the ground, sharper, more belligerent look and will be wider and longer than its predecessor. Many of today’s compacts tend to look like minivans, VW are attempting to avoid this which is no easy task with the strict public protection legislation that requires there to be vast areas of empty space between hood and the power unit.

Talking of engines, the Golf Mk VII will be powered by VW’s standard  selection of power units including Turbo-charged Gasoline, diesel injector and in addition will be completely electric and hybrid options. In detail the gasoline powered lump will be the new EA888 design, stated as being 4-pot and 1.2-2.0 liter developing close to 300 Horse-power and the range is to include the Golf-R and the GTi. The older EA113 is destined for that great scrap yard in the sky but as for the more high-priced 1.4 ltr twin charger engine, as fitted to the European versions, no one seems to know about its future.

As for the diesel range, these will be fitted with the TDi 3 or 4 pot engine developing in the order of 200 Horse-power also with a hybrid plug-in option to provide around 30 miles when in electric mode. Most of the current golf models are front wheel drive with the exclusion of the Golf R. This new one will offer a dual-clutch auto or a 6 speed manual transmission and will be all wheel drive.

The optional extras on the 2013 Golf Mk VII are usually only found on the larger and more expensive cars. The USA may not see a complete range, however. Volkswagen will need to keep up though as there are a lot of other cars of its class to choose from.


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