We Have Spied The 2013 Acura


The Acura RDX crossover was introduced in 2006 and, although it drives very well, the design is a tad dated.  We have seen photos’ of the prototype version of the new 2013 Acura. In the pictures we saw the new offering was draped with, we gathered, fashion models, they looked too well turned out to be engineers.

Through the prototype’s camouflage we could see a familiar nose shape that will disappoint those that were preying that Acura may utilize the 2013 RDX as a basis for the new model. With the omission of one of the bottom air-intakes and the addition of sleeker headlamps (looking uncannily like they are from the new TL), the front of the vehicle looks tidied up. The back door hatch appears wider which makes great practical sense for those that use, in reality, their crossover’s to carry larger items.

Internally, we hope for more substantial modifications are in the offing we are sure that they will want the new RDX to be competitive with the other vehicles in its class by, at least, equaling that of its rivals with both optional and standard equipment.

The power unit is relatively unchanged with the, ever faithful, 2.3 liter-4 pot, 240-hp fitted as standard. At 19 mpg around town and 24 on the highway this engine’s economy is better than many others. The 6 speed-auto gearbox is likely to be the only upgrade in this area.

Look out in November’s L.A or January’s Detroit auto shows’, for the slightly cloaked concept RDX ahead of the production model that will be winging its way to dealers at the back-end of 2012. For an idea of how it will look just check out a current version, ideally, not festooned with fashion models or engineers.


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