WCF Reader Takes Pics of BMW M6 Coupe with Competition Package


Some shots have been taken by a WCF reader of a BMW M6 Coupe with the optional competition package. It was rumoured just a few days before that there would be a competition package for BMW 2014 M5 and M6 models. Now the photos show what it might look like. There seem to be black alloy wheels as well as a spoiler lip made from carbon fibre.
There were no pictures taken of the inside of the car, however the photographer states that there seem to be no differences compared to the M6 regular model. It is likely that there will be extras both for inside and outside for those willing to spend extra money on the competition package.
The V8 4.4 litre twin-turbo enging will provide and extra 15bhp leading to a total of 567 bhp. The 2014 M5 and M6 are likely to have some extra features too suct as sportier suspension, black exhaust tips and direct steering ration. It is likely that the car will do 0-62 in 0.1 seconds les s than it did before but the maximum speed is likely to be limited electronically to 190 mph.


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