VW Consider Four New Beetle Styles


VW Consider Four New Beetle Styles
VW managed to sell 120,000 Beetles worldwide in 2013 and although this is not a huge figure, it is a good enough one to keep going with. In 2018 the car will get the new MQN Matrix platform and this will be more versatile and allow them to produce more body styles. This should help them to fill more gaps in this niche market and it is expected that the range will come out when the new MK3 is due.
The first expected model will be the Microbis MPV. This was a concept back in 2001 but was too big and expensive and was based on the Up! Which was too small and so this version might just get it right. It will have a mix of elements from the next Touran MPV and Golf Sportsvan so that it will be roomy and versatile but also a blend of retro and modern in the way that it looks.
The next idea is for a Beetle crossover which is rather like the the Kubelwagne, Iltis and VW181. It is not a proper SUV but a rugged Beetle and has no name at the moment. It would have protective cladding on it as well as cabin trim tailor made for it, all-season tyres and a stacked suspension. It is expected that it will have the option of seven speed DCT twin clutch transmission, plug in hybrid application and four wheel drive.
The third model is a coupe or sports car and this could be similar to a Karmann Ghia. It will be a 2 + 2 seater and the sportiest VW yet which could be similar to one of the concept cars like a Dune. Bugster or Beetle R. It is almost a stage one hot rod with regards to its proportions with a low roofline wide track and small greenhouse. This could then go on to be made in to a Speedster with bikini top, but it is expected that it may just be made to a four seater cabriolet. The engine is likely to be a 2.0 litre diesel and twin turbo four petrol which are used on the Golf R. It will also have 4Motion and DSG as standard.
The five door Beetle is the last possible model. It may have a larger wheelbase or pillar less doors or both in order to get the most out if its size. The car would have the option of a fabric sun rood as well as a Fender music system, high MPG blue motion kit, GTI performance option and go anywhere Cross package. The MQB components set is more expensive than the PQ35 platform that it is replacing, the flexibility it offers as well as broader drive train section and modern electronics, more than make up for it.


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