Volvo V30 (2012): Volvo’s Golf rival scooped


The Volvo V30 is said to be in between the C30 hatch and the V50 estate. Volvo has also stated that they came up with this idea after the release of the C30.  When it comes to this newer model they have been throwing around the name V30 and they also have released that it will have five doors and even a full tailgate – but you may have noticed that in the pictures.
Volvo V30: the lowdown
You can expect to see this car in 2012. So, make sure you have your money ready. This car will be an addition to the C30 and the V50. So, if you love those cars you do not have to worry about them going anywhere anytime soon. However, since we will see this car in 2012. That means the UK will probably not see it on their market until 2013 – sorry UK Volvo lovers. But, the good news is in the future Volvo is considering releasing a smaller SUV that will be considered an XC30.
Expect to see the new V30 hatch launched later in 2012. This is an incremental model which will be in addition to today’s C30 and V50, rather than directly replacing them.
All about the V30’s engineering
You can expect this new model to contain front wheel drive as well as a eco biased engine. Also, recently it has been released that since the car is smaller it will not contain four cylinders of less than 2.0 liters. However, on the downside the five pots will be leaving soon.
From our pictures you can see that the car contains a wedge, pumped up hatch that appears to be at a fast angle of rear screen. From what we have seen from the pictures we are taking a wild guest as to say this model is going to be a mix of the Alfa Giulietta and the VW Golf.
Peter Horbury is the designer of the car. Now that he has finished this work he has headed off to China to start on a different model. We can wait and see if his next design is anything like this one.


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