Volvo S80 Pictures Seen


The Volvo S80 is in very early production stages. However, a few pictures have leaked their way on to the Internet and been published on Auto Sina, a Chinese Auto site. The car was out in public when it was spotted and it was seen very clearly, so there is no mistaking what was seen. It was announced by the head of marketing and sales for Volvo, Doug Speck, that the car would look different, as well as the S60. It is of course possible that the European and US markets could have different looks, but it is unlikely. The photos reveal that the lower valance looks rather like the Passat and the grille has been tweeked. There are different side view mirrors and wheels as well. The exhaust outlets and rear bumper have also been changed. Next year the S80 will be debuted and has been expected to appear at the Detroit Auto Show in January or if not at the Geneva Motor Show in March. No dates have been formally confirmed though.


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