Volkswagen XL1 Improving


This diesel hybrid vehicle was recently seen being tested in the snow. It is getting very close to production now and the photos were able to reveal some more details about it. Its daytime running lights could be clearly seen as well as the tail lamps which are LED. This two door vehicle is going to be able to do 235 miles per gallon because it has a two cylinder engine which runs on diesel, an electric motor which can run at 27 horsepower as well as a seven speed dual clutch transmission. It will not be able to get going that quickly, but with being so fuel efficient, it is bound to be very popular.
The tyres on the XL1 are skinny and it has an inset rear track. These should make the driving dynamics really interesting. The various features on the vehicle, many of which could be described as quirky, are due to the work being done to make it more fuel efficient. It will even have the lowest drag coefficient on the road at just 0.186.


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