Volkswagen Up! Caught on Camera


The new Volkswagen Up! Which is a cross variant has been sighted lately. The recent pictures showed an undisguised car so it was easy to see what it looked like. They were taken in Northern Europe and is felt to be a production ready model.
It looks very similar to the car that was shown at the Frankfurt Motor show last year. It is a five door car which has matching bumpers on the back and front that are silver. It is slightly more rugged than previous versions and has a big honeycomb grill on the front which allows more air to be taken in. The wheel arch covers are black plastic which is typical of the VW as are the side skirts and low bumper sills. It will sit 15mm higher off the ground than the regular Volkswagen Up! And will have panels underneath in silver to protect it. The wheels look the same and the roof rails will be black rather than silver.
It is expected that the car will be launched before June 2013.


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