Volkswagen Hot Hatch Photographed


Volkswagen Hot Hatch Photographed
The recent developments at Volkswagen have been exciting and the latest Golf R Wagon pictures look fantastic. However, there have been some more pictures taken and this time it looks like they could be a GTI variant.
Looking closely at the model in the photographs it looks like it could be a Club Sport version of the GTI. This is because it is lower to the ground with different wheels as well as a deeper chin spoiler. This all points towards this. There is also a big rear wing which provides extra evidence towards this theory. It does not look that great though so hopefully there will be a nicer look to the production car.
The panels also have ‘Wiechers Sport’ on them which is a German tuning company. The photographer reckons that they are a bluff because the car had official VW plates and was at the Nurburgring at the VW facility. He also seemed to remember that the Scirocco R had stickers on it when it was being tested.
It therefore seems that there is a reasonable amount of evidence that this could be a GTI Sport, although it may of course change its name. It will be appearing at the end of May at the Worthersee so it will be interesting to see exactly what it has to offer.


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