Volkswagen Golf Estate (2013) first spy shots


Another family sedan that has released by Volkswagen is the Volkswagen Golf. The company has built more than 25 million Volkswagen Golfs. So the company proudly claims it to be the most sold car in its history. The vehicle comes in a couple of body styles. The different body styles are the sedan or saloon, the convertible, the hatchback with five doors, the hatchback with three doors and the estate station wagon. Each and every body style is different from each other in terms of features and characteristics. The Volkswagen Golf has a wide range of features that makes it suitable to be used as a high performance sports car, a personal car and at the same time as a transportation vehicle.

The vehicle has a spacious cabin and interior. Five passengers can easily and comfortably fit into the car. The trim level of the vehicle ranges from GLS 1.9 TDI to GL 2.0 sedan. When the GL 2.0 sedan was introduced into the market, it was equipped with the standard 2.0 liter I4 engine. The engine produces power that is equal to 115 units of horsepower. It has the ability to make the Volkswagen Golf achieve 31 mgp while it is driven in the highway and 24 mgp while city driving. The vehicle has a five speed manual transmission system. There is also an option to choose from the four speed automatic transmission with overdrive.


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