Version of McLaren P1 Seen


A version of the McLaren P1 has been seen and it is felt that this is the production version. The car was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September but will not show the production model until the end of next year. However, the company have said that more than 95% of the cars design will be kept in the new model.
The car was filmed entering a petrol station and filling up before going for testing. The inside was spied which reveals that it is very minimal almost looking like the inside of a race car.
The car has a carbon fibre structure and has 600kg of downforce which is the highest level in all road cars. It has a drag coefficient of 0.32. It may sound very cool but with a price tag of £800,000 it will not be a car that everybody can afford! You may need to start budgeting soon if you want one.

Video McLaren P1


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