Vehicle Manufacturing Plans for Kahn


Vehicle Manufacturing Plans for Kahn
The Yorkshire based tuner; Kahn has announced plans to start manufacturing sports cars. The Bradford company has only tuned other companies vehicles in the past but is now going to announce, in a few weeks time, that it has plans to manufacture itself. It is known that it will be making coupes and convertibles so that it can be a challenge to others ports cars.
The company has been growing for some time with an increased reputation for its styling and tuning and with an outlet in Chelsea as well as Bradford it is now expanding to having a dealership in Leeds. It is planning on acquiring part of a low volume manufacturing company, which is British and will use it to produce its own vehicles.
The company has been in business for almost thirty years and it seems that it has decided that by moving in to the manufacturing side of things it will continue its growth forwards. However, it is expected that it will still continue to turn Land Rovers, Porches and other cars as well.
There will also soon be the announcement of the new Flying Huntsman which is a Land Rover Defender that has been modified with a 6.2 litre V8 engine and a longer nose.


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