VAZ Lada 2190 Sedan


lada 2190 sedan

The representative of the new budget family VAZ is already on the line – witness the spy photos of Lada 2190 sedan, received the working title of Low Cost – on behalf of the category, which denotes a global automotive economy-class model.

Externally, the car reminds Priora front and Kalina in profile. Incidentally, the similarity with the latter can be easily explained – in order to save the car from the Kalina will share the platform, as well as some details, such as doors. For the same reason it was decided to abandon such things as electrical power, power windows, air conditioning, ABS and front passenger airbag – at least in the basic version of the car.

As previously reported, the sample has passed the technological processes in the paint shop and assembly complex Kalina and is now preparing for the tests.

2011 lada 2190

lada 2190

lada 2190 2011



  1. dear
    i am very hapy for lada factory, and i wish to see them in saudi arabia and gulf countries, this automative market region is growing very fast with a big variety of cars
    from china , malysia,koria and of course europ ,japan usa
    so it’s time for lada to enter in this market, more than 3 segments in automative market appears , leasing, a car, middle social class, family


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