Vauxhall prepares Insignia facelift (2013) spy shots


The all new Vaushall Insignia is hitting the road in 2013. The performance of the vehicle is great. A lot of changes have been brought into it. The major improvements have been done in the chassis, name and drive system. Many other features have been also incorporated to enhance the functionality of the car. One of the first things that will notice in the Insignia is the new style. The car is available in bot the hatchback and the saloon version. But the look of both the models is somewhat similar. There has been more change in the interior of the car as compared to the exterior. Whenever you sit in the car you will get a warm and comfortable feeling.

When you go to drive the Vauxhall Insignia, you will get more sophisticated feeling than other four cylinder cars that you might have already driven. The quality of the gearbox is much better than other many other cars. The cockpit has various gorgeous features. You can choose a different suspension regime to adjust the throttle sensitivity and the steering effort. As the car has a brisker throttle and a firmer steering, it will provide you with an ideal setting for most of the driving.

The engine comes has the capacity of 2.8 liter and is turbocharged. It has the capability of producing power as much as 321 horsepower. One of the disadvantages of the vehicle is the reduced space in the rear area. It might be difficult to sit for a person who is taller and has longer legs.


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