Using Your Truck For Your Professional Life: What You Should Consider


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Using a personal vehicle for certain tasks you have to perform at your job is done frequently. The tasks could include traveling to a meeting or picking up inventory for your employer. Using your truck or your professional life can actually help you immensely. Reliable transportation is a requirement for nearly any job as businesses want their employees there on time. The following are things to consider before deciding to use your truck for your professional life.

Tax Benefits

Using your car for professional reasons is something that you can deduct from your income taxes. Each penny that you spend on gas when traveling for professional reasons should be tracked. You don’t want to have to pay taxes on the income you didn’t earn as you spent some maintaining/keeping your truck running. Repairs are not going to be tax-deductible in most cases unless you only use your truck for professional purposes.

The depreciation of the truck is also something that can be deducted from your taxes. Mileage being tracked can be done via apps or daily depending on your preference.

You Could Get A Stipend From Your Employer

There are going to be some employers that might be willing to give you a vehicle allowance. The only drawback is that you might need to transport other employees to work sites. A lack of compensation for this might mean it is better that you do not use your truck for work. If this was not in the terms of your employment, you cannot be forced to use your personal property. Certain companies give a vehicle allowance to those that might have to travel frequently with their car for work.

One detail to note is that if you are driving other employees, you need to check your truck after they exit. You don’t want someone dropping something that could get you arrested if you are pulled over.

Consider The Wear And Tear

Hauling heavy materials day after day with your truck is going to put a strain on it. If you are transporting workers from a construction site, for example, you could have quite a bit of dirt/stains on your interior. Scratches will happen more in parking lots and at construction sites than if you worked from home.

Certain parts of the engine have a mileage lifetime regardless of how well a truck is maintained. The last thing you want is your transmission to blow or your engine to blow. The engine could be perfect for hauling or towing something once in a while but not daily. Understanding the towing/hauling capacity also needs to incorporate anyone in the car. A few people can add up to over 1,000 pounds that a truck needs to carry.

Truck rims can be bent especially if a part of the job requires you to go over rough terrain. Finding new truck rims online can be relatively easy and can allow you to sort options by price. Finding the right rims can take your truck’s look to the next level and turn heads when you are using it for work.

Estimate Your Annual Mileage

You might have purchased a new truck recently and don’t want to put a large number of miles on it. If you just use your truck to and from work which is a few miles, this is truly ideal. You can drive down the value of your truck in a few years if you put on too many miles.

Maintenance costs should also be estimated as you might need a multitude of oil changes depending on how much you drive for work. Tires for trucks can be quite expensive which you need to have replaced regularly if you drive all day for work.

Electric Or Hybrid Trucks

Electric or hybrid trucks can drive down the costs you incur from using your truck for work. You can still deduct the mileage that you drive up to a certain number of miles. Getting more out of each tank or eliminating gas costs can provide convenience. Electric vehicles are simply incredible when it comes to speed and a number of other features. With this being said, the Tesla Cybertruck can even haul materials despite being extremely unattractive. Towing is a different story as the Tesla truck does have an adequate towing capacity.

Your professional life and truck can work hand in hand. Taking care of your truck when you are using it so much is imperative to extend the life of the truck.
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