25 Year Old Cars Now Eligible to Import to USA


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They say old is gold and cars fit the description. The evolution of vehicle making has been one which fans have always been interested and eager to understand. Collectors and enthusiasts alike prefer to visit older models of vehicles to understand the mechanisms that made the cars work so well in their time. There are some vehicles that are old and stay old, losing their functions and work. But there are also some vehicles that age gracefully and this is what collectors and car dealers are looking for.

A well working old vehicle is a sign of manufacturer genius and attention to detail in parts of the car which continue to work. Vehicles that have age but also have the strength and are still operating are an attraction to many because of the age and at times, a lower price. For owners and prospective buyers, older vehicles not only appeal to the collector’a tastes, but they are also unique pieces that most people are likely not to have.

Car importation to the USA had always been a process that is surrounded by stringent laws and regulations by the FMVSS. This is because the regulatory body is charged with the duty and responsibility to ensure vehicle safety for user safety. For a long time, vehicles that were imported could only be of a certain age, not more than 25 years. This regulation was in place to prevent potential malfunctions that may occur with the vehicle as a result of age. Another regulatory body which is concerned with the importation of vehicles over 25 years old is the EPA which is responsible for protecting the environment. Since the safety and emissions standards of imported vehicles do not adhere to the safety and environmental standards, they may pose a threat to the environment.

The ban to import for 25-year old cars had been lifted in 2013, and with it went the provisions that prevented importation of such vehicles from various countries. One of the countries that are able to import vehicles is Japan. Japan has been an importer if vehicles to the US for a long time and only recently had they been authorized to import vehicles that are over 25 years old. This regulation has also been accompanied by manufactured compliance with regulatory standards of operations by the FMVSS. Also under the new regulation, is the provision of certification which requires the imported vehicle to be certified by the original manufacturer. Any vehicle that wants to be imported but does not meet the standards can be petitioned to the FMVSS by the business body that is seeking to import. If the vehicle does not meet specific standards, the FMVSS may petition for the vehicle to undergo modifications so to confirm to the guidelines.

If you want to import a vehicle from Japan, consider Japan Partner Inc. This is a trusted Japanese vehicle importing dealer that is well acquainted with the field of vehicle standards and importation processes. Now for the prospective buyer who prefers to import a unique vehicle, the company will guide you through the process of paperwork and payments and see the project through to the moment you have the key to your new vehicle.

Try not to be in a rush to buy your imported car. Take the time to research and compare prices from different car importers both in the United States and in Japan. You might like to start your search by visiting Japan-Partner.com or by searching Google for Japanese used cars blog. We found several thousand.




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