Updated Ferrari 458 Italia Gets 3.8 V8 turbocharged


The 458 Italia form Ferrari will be getting a turbocharged engine. This means that the naturally aspired V8 engines will no longer be an option.
The information that CAR magazine has got hold of has stated that there will be a forced induction V8 with 3.8 litre engine put in to the Ferrari 458 Italia when it has its facelift in 2015. This will be a version of the same engine that has been put in the California T and this is capable of 552 bhp and 557 lb/ft torque which do give it a good thrust but will change the character of the car somewhat.
It is expected that the new version will therefore have better performance and it could even get to 670bhp which is an amazing amount.
The California T is capable of 0-62mph n 3.6 seconds and can reache speeds up to 196mph. It should be possible for these speeds to be increased in the 458 as the boost pressure can be adjusted.
It could be a concern that the soul of the V8 will be lost with this new engine. However, there will be work to keep this. The exhaust systems and microchips in the engine will keep the noise levels high and will downplay the turbocharged effect that is associated with the forced induction cars.
The torque in the California T is limited in lower gears to encourage drivers to drive at revs around the 7500rpm mark. In higher gears there is extra 100lb/ft delivered so that high speed overtaking is much easier.
It is expected that there will be technical upgrades made to the car, perhaps like those in the LeFerrari and other new models.
The name is still a talking point with some people going for the 458M or the 458 T but it could be that the numbers will be updated.


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