Upcoming Range Rover Evoque Convertible Seen Testing


Range Rover Evoque The only Jaguar option for anyone that wants an off roader with opening roof was the Land Rover Defender which is no longer available in North America. This is looking to be likely to change very soon though with the Evoque being launched soon. It was three years ago when this concept car was shown and Land Rover have confirmed that it will now be put into production. The fact that it has been seen in testing adds even more promise. It was in Sweden in the snow and on the Nurburgring that the Evoque convertible was seen in testing. The two cars seen do look different. One difference was the wheels, although the one in Sweden could have had snow tyres on. There are also differences in the stickers on the windscreen and the body cladding and the bottom. This could means that these are two different prototypes of the same car. It is based on the littlest Range Rover but it has a canvas roof. This will mean that it will be likely to take over form the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet which has just gone out of production. It is felt this was a rather odd car with a small market but Land Rover may manage to expand it if they produce a worthy car.


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