Unknown car model spied between Miami and Tampa



Car reader Brad Hissing has spotted unknown car model testing in USA.

Here is his comment:

“I was driving back from Miami to Tampa today and came across 2 of these mules (different cars in these pics) driving West from Ft. Lauderdale on Alligator Alley. Both had Michigan (manufacturer) plates. I had to snap the pics driving 80+ mph so the quality is not that great. I did not get a photo of the front end, unfortunately. Underneath the netting was a not so hidden grille that looked like a current Kia grille.

I see mules from time to time in and around Tampa, but always in the summer. I don’t know what kind of testing these could be undergoing on a 70 degree day with low humidity.”

I think this is Kia VG 2010 model year. Maybe, who knows what kind of model ?

P.S Big thanks, Brad. If  anyone see something interesting send us a tip at email.

car reader spy

unknown car model

unknown car model spied



  1. Alligator alley is known to be a test read for future cars. I remember driving through alligator alley once and seeing the challenger about 5 months before its release, being escorted by two Chrysler 300’s. Around this same time i also viewed the Dodge Caravan new body style also before its debut. I believe there is a Daimler Chrysler-Fiat Test site in Naples, FL. Which is where i spotted the Caravan leave a warehouse.


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