Undisguised Mercedes E63 Photographed


A photo has been sent to Autofacil, taken in Spain by a car enthusiast. It is thought that the picture shows the next generation Mercedes E63 AMG. It was spotted at what looked like a photo shoot and so was showing off all of its features. The car had been placed in front of some skyscrapers and it was as the sun was setting. The fact that the streets had been watered made it look like they wanted it to look pretty good.
Before this, only a camouflaged version of the car had been seen. This showed a few interesting features, such as the cleaner design, new headlights and grilles and generally more interesting look. The pontoons have also been removed from the fenders and the AMG version of the car will have a chromed lower to make it stand out.
There have also been reports that apart from the front doors and the roof, the sheet metal will all be new. There will also be better technology inside such as reactive suspension that will use a camera image to adjust to the road profile. There will also be a night vision camera to make sure that animals and people are seen in the dark. It has also been said that there will be metal, wood and leather used in the interior.


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