Undisguised Honda Civic Type R Spotted


Undisguised Honda Civic Type R Spotted
It will be just next year when the Honda Civic Type R appears on the market, although it is unlikely to appear in the US. It is not that surprising that it has been seen free of camouflage as it is so close to its release date. The car seen was in Germany and looks to be very close to being finished.
It looks rather more aggressive than the concept car that was seen at the Geneva Motor Show. The front fender has big extension and there is a taller wing and deep air dam at the front and those on top of the gold wheels with ten spokes certainly give it a purposeful look. It is already known that the engine is a 2.0 litre turbo four cylinder that can do 276 horsepower and it is expected that it will have six speed manual gears to match.
There has been a petition handed in to Honda form the US as there are so many interested in it being sold there but there is not yet any sign that this will happen.


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