Undisguised Chrysler 200 2015 Spotted


The Chrysler 200 is the new follow up to the 200 sedan currently on the market and it has been seen while either in the dark or at a commercial shoot. The car looks very much improved form what can be seen in the photographs and this is the first time it has been seen without any camouflage.
At the moment Chrysler has just 4 models the 300, 200 convertible, 200 sedan and Town & Country. This is not many compared to other manufacturers and the new 200 will not add anything new to the range but it will at least replace the rather aging current model. This car is a strange size and doesn’t compete well in the current market and so it desperately needs to be changed so that it can find a space. At the moment it falls between mid-size four doors and compact models. However, the new 200 should be a lot bigger and therefore make it in to the luxury segment of the market albeit entry level.
It is well documented that the 200 will have architecture converted from the Dodge Dart Compact US Wide which was made up from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. In the camouflaged versions of the 200 it was thought that the new version may look rather like a dart, but it turns out that this is not the case, which is somewhat of a relief. There are some similar features such as the general shape and roofline but many keep styling parts such as the lights, facias and grille look very different.
In fact the car looks rather handsome with the shape looking rather like the Audi A7 with graceful body lines, teardrop shape and taillights that look rather like those on the Maserati Ghibli. The front end perhaps does not stand out as much as the rest of the car with regards to the styling. It has amphorous headlights and a drooping grille which is rather like the Lincoln MKZ. The brand has not really had a distinct design language in the past as models such as the current 200, T&C and 300 only really share the badge and nothing more with regards to style. The new 200 is more cohesive and it could mean that it is the basis of a look that will continue in later models. However, it will be in Detroit, when the car is revealed when the definite look can be further commented on.
Previously spy photographs were taken of the inside of the car and it does look like the inside of the 200 will be impressive. It will certainly not just be a revamp of a Dart’s interior but will have a new steering wheel, electronic parking brake, wood trim, fancy gauge and the same rotary knob shifter that debuted in the Ram 1500.
It is expected that the sedan will have a selection of engine choices like the dart. The base is likely to be the 2.4 litre Tigershark four cylinder 184hp and the next level up will be a pentastar V6 from Chrysler which has a 292 hp 3.6 litre engine and is used in many vehicles or possible the 271 hp 3.2 litre which was debuted in the Jeep Cherokee 2014. It is expected that the nine speed automatic transmission which is upcoming from ZF will be the only choice with standard front wheel drive and possible all-wheel drive as an option in the same way as the 200 Sebring.
The car will see competition from the Volkswagen CC, Buick Regal and Acura TSX. It is expected that it will available for sale mid next year after being revealed in Detroit and the price will be close to the current one of $22,790.


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