Undisguised BMW M3 spotted


The BMW M3 has been pictured a lot but it has always had camouflage on it and so much of the design has had to be guess work. Recently a motorcyclist managed to video a 2015 M3 completely without any camouflage at all while it was taking part in a photo shoot on a closed road. Therefore many more details can be seen.
The video is available on Road & Track and it shows the car doing a three point turn and driving while following a camera car. This is likely to be for an advertisement or launch video for the car. The images are not the best quality but they do reveal some of the styling features. It looks pretty much like the M4 Coupe Concept but with four doors, with the characteristic, wide vented front venders, odd shaped door mirrors and bulging bonnet. It has quad exhaust outlets and an aggressive fascia with big wheels and low profile tyres.
It is expected that this will be the vehicle shown at the Detroit Auto Show in a few months time. It is therefore worth taking a look at the video as well as the screen shots that are made form still captured from the video.

Video BMW M3


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