Undisguised Acura TLX spotted!


Acura is not in the habit of making a concept car that does not then lead to a production model. The 2010 protype of the ZDX went on to be the basis for a production version and thios was the same for the ILx and RLX that were shown in 2012 and the MDX that was shown in 2013. The NSX concept is also being produced very soon and so it is expected that the SUV-X concept will appear in a few years time. Therefore when the TLX prototype was revealed a few months ago at the Detroit Auto Show it was very much expected that this would soon become a production model. It seems that this was correct as well as it has now been seen. The car was almost completely without camouflage when it was seen testing. In fact there was a pair of cars, one coloured white and one black and they looked almost the same as the one that was shown. There are a few changes such as some chrome accents not being there and the lower bumper no longer has a strip of LED lights but round fog lamps. However, these are just very small changes to what looks like an almost identical car.

It is expected that the final production model will appear just next month at the New York Auto Show and it will be the replacement for the TL and TSX so appearing between the larger RLX and the smaller ILX in the line up of Acura Sedans.


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