Undisguised 2014 Porsche Macan Caught Testing


Undisguised 2014 Porsche Macan Caught Testing
The last time we have seen the Porsche Macan 2014 it was quite similar to Audi Q5. It was tested with much cravenness. Now, eventually, the model has slipped in its own look and we are actually seeing the new look of Porsche. If you have seen the earlier look of Porsche then before you foresee the Macan production will look similar to 0.90 scales Cayenne with headlights and Penumbra in its roof. When it arrives coming year as a 2014 new model, the Macan will be sized and priced to contend with a growing list of fun-to drive, amusing and trendy crossovers.
This profitable market segment includes a BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK, Infiniti FX, and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Also among this frightening mix is the Audi Q5. Audi Q5 serves as the origin for the new baby Porsche sport-Ute. Nevertheless, the Porsche Macan will focus more on the road based handling and top performance. It is still has to be seen whether the new model will add many characteristics, much similar to Range Rover did with the friendly Evoque.

It has been more than a decade and for the first time, an A-4 cylinder engine is tending to return to an early stage (i.e. Porsche range). Whilst many of us may have expected such type of power train to function its way to something similar to the Cayman or mid-engine car. The Porsche Macan must derive advantage from the combo of a flick shifting 8-speed and turbocharged 4 speeds automatic. In the present Audi Q5, the power train offers better fuel economy as well as effective speed of 27mpg on the highway.

The model is even sure to provide a choice direct-injection 3 liter V-6. In the present Audi Q5, the cylinder is equipped with top speed automatic. Experts believe that the manufacturers will extend more advanced high speed all over the variety. A manual transformation is very likely, though we question one will be available in the United States market. Diesel-powered and hybrid variants are quite pretty much a given but the latter can be a “European-only” sales plan.

The Cayenne Diesel will be available in the market later this year. A short time ago, we had a glimpse of Macan test wearing a realistic Audi-influenced disguise. This recent crop of photographs finally offers firm hint that the Macan will have a comparatively streamlined look. A pointed rear end signifies Porsche was eager to sacrifice some blocking room for a much sleeker profile. Well, experts accept the compromise. The hood, front end is considerably smoother. The pricing is expected to begin somewhere from $42,000 when it will go for sale.


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