Undiguised BMW 4 series coupe spotted


Spy shots have been taken of the new BMW 4 series coupe with no disguise at all. It is expected that the car will be officially revealed at Frankfurt in September. It is a mix of the proportions of the 4 series with the details of the 3 series and it will replace the current 3 series coupe and should be able to produce a better performing M4.
The picture reveal that the coupe look at the back, as well as the vent motif on the front wing are the same as the concept 4 series car. The air intake on the front bumper looks like the concept car too but the rear bumper in different in that it looks cleaner and simpler in design and has two tailpipes.
The headlights look like those on the 3-series but the rear ones look slim compared to F30 saloon clusters. The car was pictures after dark and this has highlighted that wheel arches at the back which are very prominent.
It is known that the price of this car will be a bit above that of the current 3-serie coupe because the company want to make a more definite difference between their coupe and saloon. The series 4 is therefore likely to cost around the £30,000 mark and the soft top an additional £4,000. The F32 coupe will be on sale towards the end of this year. The F33 convertible will have a hard top that folds and will be launched in spring 2014.
It is expected that there will also be a four door convertible in 2015 which will be the series 4 Gran Coupe. There will be the same engine choices as the regular 3-series range has and there will be an M division that will gave a bi-turbo capable of 444bhp.


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