Uncovered Volkswagon Golf seen


An almost completed undisguised version of the Volkswagon Golf has been spotted recently. The only bit of camouflage that was spotted on the vehicle was fake tail lights – something that may have been missed by many people. With a hard look, it is possible to see the outline of the units underneath behind blue body work and fake lights that look like stickers. This was quite a surprise.
As it was seen  in such an uncovered state, it can be assumed that it is very close to production model status, although nothing official has been revealed or not even any rumours for that matter. It is hard to tell what effect it may have on the US market offerings by Volkswagon in the small wagon area but it is possible that it could become the new Jetta Sportwagon. After Geneva next week there may be more information revealed that should help more conclusive information to be speculated or they may even be some official statements, we will just have to wait and see.


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