Uncovered Hyundai Genesis Pictures


There is just two months until the Hyundai Genesis 2015 is due to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. Hyundai has therefore been taking some promotional pictures of the car but there were spy photographers there as well, taking some snaps. This is the best look at the vehicle as it was completely camouflage free.
Having seen lots of shots before there is a lot of information already available about the car but what is new with these is the rear. The rear end has not been properly seen before and from the pictures it can be seen how stylish it is. They also show that it has a defined body crease and sloping roof which are very similar to the HCD-14 concept car.
On the front and back there are badges on the wing which mean that it is not the US model and it also has a G380 HTRAC badge which indicates that it is the V6 engine with the HTRAC all wheel drive system in it.



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