Uncovered 2015 Hyundai Genesis Seen


The HCD-14 Genesis Concept that was shown at Detroit this year gave an idea of what the second generation Sedan would be like. There have been quite a few spy shots of the Hyundai Genesis 2015 as well, but the cars have always been well disguised and therefore not giving away very much. However, a picture of an uncovered car has been posted on bobaedream.co.kr, a South Korean website.
The picture really only shows the face of the car, but it still shows how much the design has been improved in the 2008 current version. The upright grille looks like the HCD-14 concept but the headlights and fascia more like a combination of what appears on the E-class and S-class Mercedes. The creasing in the body is more subtle than it was in the concept car but the glasshouse and roofline are pretty much the same as they looked then. The car looks very much in a finished form which leads to a guess that it might be seen very soon at a show such as Detroit or LA.


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