Uncamouflaged 2015 BMW 2-series Active Tourer Spotted


The 2015 2-series Active tourer is the new compact family van from BMW. It has been photographed without any disguise and is the first full look of this new model. The shape is what would be expected after looking at the other active tourer concept. There is a surprise though, that it has the 2-series badge which seems to go against their system of using odd numbers for convertibles and coupes. The AT will be front wheel drive, and a family vehicle that will be practical which will have premium fittings and aimed to surpass everything in its class. This is a class that in the US will have no competition apart from perhaps Mercedes. Domagoj Dukec lead the styling team for the vehicle having been taken from Citroen to style the vehicles with tall roofs.
It is hoped that this vehicle will appeal to a new set of customers who are young families that need a practical vehicle with lots of space. Also BMW owners could be on the look out for a second car as an alternative to their sedan. It is expected, by insiders that within ten years the front drive models will make up half of their sales. However, it is not just market share that they are interested in as they need to still have superb dynamics for driving or else their name will be tarnished in the search for sales volume.
The architecture will be shared with the third generation Mini as this was developed under BMW ownership. They will also use the platform for other front wheel drive models in the future such as the 1-series and family haulers.
The vehicle will be powered by three and four cylinder engines available in petrol and diesel which will be selected from the new modular engine family from BMW. There will be a 1,5 litre turbocharged three cylinder which will be taken from the new Mini which is thought to be the most likely base model. The next level option is possible going to be an untuned 2.0 litre turbo four. There has been no confirmation about a hybrid version but it is something that is very likely to be uder consideration. Frnt wheel drive will be standard but an all wheel drive option will be available. There will be a six speed manual offering and it is expected that the six speed automatic from the Mini will also be an option.
The closest competition will be from the Mercedes Benz B-class Electric Drive. The 2-series Active Tourer will be launched in Europe in the summer and it will be available in the US at the beginning of 2015. The price will be just a bit lower than the 2-series coupe entry level cost at $33,025.


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