UK Pictures Taken of Jaguar SUV 4×4


The concept car for the Jaguar 4×4 has already been seen but this test mule shows that the new powertrain is getting readied for 2016 sales.
The first look at the car could make people feel that it is just an XF Saloon that is a bit higher. The chunkier tyres and high suspension certainly give this initial impression but the test mule has the new running gear for the SUV under it. It will be available on the 3-series as well with the basic SUV having a rear drive chassis.
The test car has a 3.0 litre V6 petrol engine which was used in the C-X17 concept car. It is likely to be the staple engine for their SUV range in areas where petrol is favoured such as the Middle East and USA.
In Europe it is likely that they will need four and six cylinder turbo diesel options s that they can rival the Audi Q7, Mercedes ML and BMW X5. There is even the possibility of a supercharged V8 which will take on the Land Rover Range Rover Sport RS.
It is expected that the look of the concept car will be very much shadowed in the production model. The wheel size may be lower than the 23inches put on the C-X17 at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and the cabin will probably have five seats to make it more family friendly with the basic design being similar to the concept.
The concept is 1.63m tall which is the same as the baby Range Rover Evoque and it is 4.7m long which is just a bit nigger than an Audi Q5. It is possible the showroom model may be a little bigger but it still needs to remain practical.
The car will not debut until 2016 but the iQ-Al platform will appear sooner as it will be part of the X760 sports saloon.


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