Two New Ferraris Planned for 2015


Ferrari has plans to make two spin-offs from LaFerrari in 2015 according to CAR. There will be a pair of derivatives which will both be launched next year. There has also been news that there will be nine new Ferraris available soon, with plans being leaked out although not many details of these have yet materialised. The details on the new pair, the LaFerrari FXX and the LaFerrari Spyder convertible are available though.
The LaFerrari FXX will be the first model that they make. This will be similar to the Ferrari FXX which was a track evolution of the Enzo and only 30 copies were built between 2005 and 2007. This was a car that was exclusively for track use with Maranello looking after them and taking them to prvate owners events. The LaFerrari FXX is expected to also only have 30 copies made and be made for the most exclusive Ferrari customers only.
It is thought that the power will go up to 1050bhp with a V12 engine that is tuned and the hybrid system also being juggled to give massive power. It is expected to be extremely fast with the roadgoing LaFerrari managing 217mph and 0-62 in less than 3 seconds and this could be even faster. In the June edition of CAR it was described by Chris Chilton as a pure great sports car despite all of the technology.
There are also plans for a LaFerrari Spider Convertible. This will obviously be an open topped model and there are plans to only make 50 of these. This will be about twice the price of the hard top coupe which could mean it will be around £2 million.
The structure of the LaFerrari is already very stiff which means that an open top version is easy to make and the chassis is carbonfibre which has been hand laid which is different to the RTM injected with resin that is used by McLaren. The main part of the car is 20% lighter than an Enzo as well as 25% stiffer according to Ferrari.
It looks like the Ferrari could be an interesting prospect. The current copue is a good ride and with a speedier V12 and the opportunity to get some air when driving it could be a great success. It will also raise some eyebrows when driven with the roof down which is something that Ferrari owners may enjoy!


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