Two New Automobiles from Mercedes – Estate and Sedan E63 2017


Two New Automobiles from Mercedes – Estate and Sedan E63 2017

The prototype of the sedan E63 looks more developed and closer to the actual version, while the Estate variant still has some features that need to be worked on. It is not a surprise as the Estate model hasn’t been even shown yet.

The company confirmed that the Sedan will be released closer to the end of the year, so the Estate is expected to premiere either late in 2016 or early in 2017. The standard version of the Estate should premiere this summer.

Both models will have a biturbo motor for four liters, which will produce more power than the C63. According to some rumors, in the E63 this engine will develop up to 550 units of horsepower. In the E63S, it will produce approximately 580 units of horsepower. Also, the E63S could be disposable only with the 4MATIC system for all wheels.

Both automobiles will get aggressive style features on their bodies and will acquire bigger vent openings, wheel arches in a bigger size, and a standing out diffusor. The prototype of the sedan helps us see what the real car will look like.

Before these two models will be released, the company will introduce its GT-R model in June.


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