Two Hot Skoda 4x4s Revealed


Skoda is thinking of bringing out a whole new set of crossovers in 2014 and also in 2016. There will be a bigger SUV that will be built on the Tiguan, and there will be a follow-up car to the hot Skoda Yeti.
Some people think the Yeti is kind of a stupid name, but you have to check out the name of the new automobile that Skoda is releasing. The Skoda vehicle that they are coming out with is called the Skoda Snowman. It is a new 4×4 that Skoda is releasing. You can get all the basic information about it here.

This is the follow-up car that is going to follow in the footsteps of the VW Tiguan, and it is scheduled to come out in 2014. It will have three different models of it, and you will be able to select which one you want. There will be a standard one, extended one, and four-door one. If the information is correct, then Skoda will get its current crossover from the LWB kind. The popular SUV, which is currently a part of the MQB-A matrix, will probably become integrated into the Octavia collection.

Snowman is just one potential name for the car. Another name might be Grand Yeti. No one is really sure what the vehicle will be called. There are a lot of options for naming it. There are a lot of names floating around headquarters. There is a bigger wheelbase and a bigger overhang, and the Skoda 4×4 baby should have unique packaging that parallel the slogan of the brand which is Simply Clever.

The car was created by Josef Kaban and his team, and the Skoda Snowman MPV is probably going to have a unique front end that will be replete with a waterfall grille and four headlamps. It will have a side view with a bigger roofline to. It will also have a nice back, long tailgate, and lights in the shape of C’s. The interior of the car will be a mixture of fold, slide, tumble, and swivel, as far as the seats go.

What will the popular Skoda Yeti be like?

The existing Yeti is a pretty cheap mix of Polo and Golf parts. It is built on one platform, but it makes a big contribution to the corporate pool. There are about 150,000 units made a year, and they are all in China.

There will be a tinier crossover that will come out in 2016, and it will move to the MQB-AO architecture. It is a part of what the sixth version of the Polo is all about. There is a basic layout, more weightless, rigid, and economical, and it is also cheaper to construct it.

The Yeti has a basic design that won’t deviate much. The new design will probably look a lot more mature though, and it will have a lengthier wheelbase and a more technological look. There will also be a better engine, additional driver assistance help network, and a bigger Greenline range.

Skoda will release some 4x4s before they come out with the MPV models.

For a long time, the Czech car builders were betting that their income would go beyond a follow-up SUV and onto an SUV number two. This is no longer an option now.

Because of the new cheap engine set-up that is going to be taken care of by Skoda, and because the plans to make expansion a part of China and India, at least one of the plans had to be put behind the company just for right now. It was, understandably, the minivan that went through with the process.

The Roomster is going to be displaced by a less weird car alongside the VW Touran coming out. If there ever is a follow-up minivan in the works, it won’t come out until 2017.

They aren’t going to make a Sharan partner that would take away sales from the more useful VW model, and Skoda may just build another version of the Caddy XL. There is a Skoda T6 Microbus that a lot of people want to see made, but there will probably be some people in the brand and company protection market that will probably stand in the way.



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