Twingo Being Tested by Renault


Twingo TheRenault Twingo has potential to be a great car with its rear engine and rear drive. However, the little three cylinder engine does not live up to expectations even with a turbocharger in it. However, engineers in Renault have confirmed that they were looking to put together a performance model of the car and it looks like it has come to fruition, with a car being seen out testing which looks like it could be it. At a quick look you may be mistaken into thinking it is just a normal Twingo as the only obvious difference is the alloys. However, there are a few other clues that it could be a hotter model, if you look a bit closer. At the back, where the engine is of course, there are air intakes above the rear wheels which will get more air in to the engine. The spoiler is also bigger and there is a diffuser at the bottom with two exhaust pipes coming from it. The tailgate has some rivets around it as well. It is hard to know exactly what this will be but it is thought that it could be 120-130 horsepower.

This could be due to an upgrade of the current engine or something bigger being pit in. It is expected that it will be developed alongside the Smart which is offerering a hotter Brabus version. It could be called a Renaultsport or have a Gorsini or GT badge on it. It is thought that it should be a good upgrade whatever it is called though as previous attempts at doing this with the Forfour and Fortwo have been very successful. It is expected that this will be similar and also be a good upgrade with better brakes, rolling stock and suspension to go alongside the extra power.



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