Toyota Reveals Information About the next Hydrogen Powered car


Toyota Reveals Information About the next Hydrogen Powered car
Toyota are working on their next hydrogen powered car and have said that it will be able to travel 300 miles just on one tank full and it will have faster acceleration than their second generation Prius can. The car does not yet have a name but it is the size of a Carolla and is a fuel cell vehicle. It production model will be based on a concept called FCV which debuted at the Tokyo Auto Show and is due to launch in 2015. Toyota spoke about the car at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and said that the production version would be able to reach 60mph in around 10 seconds and could power a home for a week when used as a generator.
They also said that the cost of building the high pressure tanks and fuel cell powertrain was significantly cheaper than for the first prototypes that they built back 2002. They are co-developing these with BMW and they now have 100 prototype fuel cell vehicles all over the world which have about a 440 mile range.
It was revealed when a Toyota executive spoke to Automotive News in May, that the car cost $1 million each and the new model is expected to cost $50,000. The cars, which are based on the first generation Highlander, will be available exclusively in California to start with and the sale cost has not yet been revealed.
Toyota’s American Operations Senior Vice President, Bob Carter has said that they will proved right building these. He said that people say it was a foolish quest but he feels that it will happen. In California there are none of the nation’s ten hydrogen stations open to the public, most of them in Los Angeles. The state is also planning on building at least 100 more through 2024 but there are no plans for any other states to follow suit at the moment.


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